For Honor Ships with Five Multiplayer Game Modes

05/10/2019 02:49 AM
For Honor centres around medieval melee combat between warriors harking from three different martial traditions: knights, samurai, and vikings. Its core combat system has the depth of a fighting game, allowing for free-roaming duels between characters whose approach to combat varies but whose approach is always the same: hit the other guy with the pointy thing until bits fall off them. That easy-to-grasp concept is nonetheless tough to master, and regardless of how you play For Honor you'll want to master it eventually. Whether you're trying to crack single-player on the hardest setting, conquer the objective-based battlefields of Dominion mode or become a master of the duelling field, your success depends on your fluency with the basic tenets of the combat system. Improve that, and everything gets easier.

For Honor features a gear system that can be used to upgrade your Heroes but it is also slow to unlock. All 12 Heroes are available at the start but in order to equip gear on your fighter, you'll have to go through a process to 'recruit' them. What you really need to understand about gear though is that it doesn't matter at all unless you are playing 4v4. Ubisoft has intentionally made gear cosmetic-only in the 1v1 and 2v2 modes so that those battles will always be decided based on skill, not by who has the best gear. 4v4 also has other systems in play like special abilities so it's not recommended until you have a full understanding of all 12 fighters.

There is strength in numbers, especially when those numbers begin to pile up for (or against) you. This tip obviously isn't going to help you in Duel mode. But players struggling to get a grasp of For Honor's combat mechanics might want to stick close to their allies during Elimination and Dominion matches. It doesn't guarantee you'll do any better. But stronger players might be able to close up gaps in your performance. Just don't get crazy with your attacks. Friendly fire can have an immediate and devastating impact on your side's ability to fend off an attack.

Once you have a knack for guarding, you can throw in a bit off offense with your defense. When your opponent attacks and the directional icon flashes, if you match up the correct direction in combination with a heavy attack, you will perform a parry. Basically, this knocks your opponent back, and leaves them open to a quick counterattack. Be careful, however. If you don't time it correctly, you will get hit, as your guard lowers when parrying.

For Honor ships with five multiplayer game modes at launch, ranging from a traditional deathmatch, to intense 1v1 duels. These take place across a roster of twelve multiplayer maps, each with four to six variations depending on weather conditions. However, we can expect more maps and game modes to arrive over the coming months, via post-launch updates and downloadable content (DLC).

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